Tesla – The man who lit the world

A perfect blend of two arts, visual effects and theatre, marked 70th anniversary of Nikola Tesla’s death through “Tesla Off Broadway” play premiered in May. Cooperation between VFX Serbia, social media network, and Digitalkraft, post-production studio from Belgrade, revived Tesla through animation and visual effects and brought the audience on a journey through Tesla’s life and noble work.


Project supervisors, Goran Ognjanovic (VFX Serbia) and Ivan Pribicevic (Digitalkraft), explain that the idea to merge visual effects with a play about Tesla sounded like a unique opportunity to make a contribution to Tesla’s greatness. Sanja Bestic’s play was complemented with CG representation of Tesla’s head profile, inventions and formulas, his thoughts and emotions, EEG and X-ray image of his brain, as well as “timelapse” video effect of sunset and gradually turning on the lights on Manhattan.