Nymph in PIFAN catalog


One hot summer in the Mediterranean, the legend of killer mermaid begins. Two American girls go on vacation to an island in the Mediterranean where they venture into an old, abandoned fortress. They find the shelter of the killer mermaid, and the vacation turns into a horrific nightmare… Milan Todorovic, director of ZONE of the DEAD – in which he presented Serbian zombies in such a realistic and graphic manner – offers here a whole new dimension to a creature that’s even worse than man-eating sharks or piranhas.

At the beginning of the film, the beautiful bikini-clad young women basking in the boiling Mediterranean Sun, will surely become no more than dismembered body parts: leading us viewers to a whole new level of horror. The great Italian actor, Official Fan Franco Nero – who starred in Django – shines even brighter in this film, playing a mysterious fisherman and never let us down despite being now in his 70s. Through his performance and that of Kristina Klebe, in this seemingly beautiful setting, we can be eye-witnesses to a concentration of blood and gore. Satisfying all our expectations of the B-Movie, and jangling nerves in the process, Milan Todorovic has lifted his film to international standards.

Erica RHEE